Frequently Asked Questions

Go to admission→ admission status→ select discontinue if student is temporary withdrawal / select left out if student is permanently withdrawal.

Go to admission→ admission report→ select campus and classes and click on print button.

Go to admin→ class structure→ select class tab→ select campus→ select class and use up down keys to reorder classes and finally click on save order.

Go to admission→ promote students→ select session and campus→ choose classes→ select students who have to promote→ finally click on promote students.

Go to admission→ print student I –card→ select classes→ click on select all→ change header if you want to print custom header (system generates default) select design which you want and finally click on preview if everything is right click on print icon to print I –cards.

Press ctrl key and click on sections to select multiple cast categories.

(i) Check spelling of subjects entered in software and excel sheet you imported the marks. (ii) Check that all marks are filled and imported properly through excels sheets.

Go to account→ class wise fee→ select classes in which you have to add fee→ enter fee name and select month name and click on add. Add all fees one by one and close.

Go to account→ class wise fee and finally click on clear all fee. Warning if you clear all and you have absolute fee of student then balance self may mismatch.

Go to account→ select class wise fee, select class in which you want to delete in grid last column click on delete.

Double click on a receipt number from list (receipt book) receipt details will be open. Enter cancel reason and click on cancel. Cancelled receipt amount will be excluded from total deposit amount from the student.

Go To accounts Menu and Set Fee Ctructure Class Wise and Add Fee One by One. You can Select Multiple Classes if Fee is same for multiple classes.

If your Fee Structure is Same as Previous session then You Cam copy Fee to next Session in a Single Click.

If your school has been published result. Login to your account and Click on Exam name.

You can set it from the panel of report card Printing.

Yes, you can publish exam result and receive student fee, homework assignment, attendance etc in your website.

If you has been uploaded students photos then you can print passport size photographs of students and staffs.

Please Install MS Excel in your Comuter. If it is Install in your Computer, Then check Your Operating System Language from Control Panel. Your OS Language should be English.

(i) check your internet connection. (ii) check API and balance in your amount. If not solved then contact to company.

Set SMS API and choose template and select classes, categories and students to send SMS at one click.

You can send SMS in any Indian language using.

to Export File. MS Excel should ne install in your computer.

Yes we can Convert offline Software in Online mode and vice versa.

Your have two option to login.
1. Enter Admission No and Password to Login. 2. If you don't know password. Please enter your registered mobile no and get otp.

Please connect to Internet and try again.

Go to admin Import/Export data export blank excel file, excel sheet (copy/paste from other excel) save and click on Import tab. Type school name and campus name. Click on ‘import data’ button and select excel file.

Download Dot net framework and run it after that run software.

You need to adjust your screen resolution if screen resolution is not showing option then you need to install display driver of your computer.

Check your antivirus and allow SMS for this.

Connect from internet and click on update software wait while software restart.

Check your computer date-time correct it.

Select proper page size and orientation when opens print dialogue box most formats are prepared in A4 size.

Install virtual printers like PDF creator and print and save records using it and copy paste to CD/Pen drive.

Go to master setting and check that your format is set.

Contact to company before formatting the hard disk of your computer.

Right click on task bar→ task manager, search SMS right click on it and click on it and click on end task.

Right click on task bar→ task manager, search SMS right click on it and click on it and click on end task.

You have to use online version of your software to manage more than one campus/ school at a central location. Internet connection is required to use online version of our software.

Save reports in PDF format using virtual printers and open it in Photoshop/ Corel draw.

• Login to our website and download our free trial software. • Unzip the folder and pin to taskbar to SMS file. (Icon iii) • Open shortcut and lenter user name- gurukul, and password gurukul and try it.